Brenda Jegede

Born and raised in Detroit, Brenda Jegede fondly refers to herself as an eastsider. To some that means she’s tough and street smart; to others, she is a resilient fighter.

Brenda rarely initiates friendships. Yet once you win her over, you gain a loyal friend for life. Then you wonder, “Is this girl crazy? How is it she seems calm and cool and then suddenly bursts with excitement?” That is Brenda.
Cruise 2015
A tried-and-true, blue Wolverine, Brenda holds a bachelor’s in sociology, master’s in public health and a master’s in social work, each from the University of Michigan. Give Brenda a project or an event to plan, and she is in her element. She is an independent public health consultant, addressing disparities in infant mortality.

Prior to working for a decade as an owner and executive director of Sylvan Learning Centers, Brenda was a social worker in hospital emergency rooms and at a health clinic.

Brenda works hard; but when it is time for vacation, it’s “See ya!

After sending her children around the globe, Brenda’s “got next.” She cherishes memories of exploring London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Nigeria, and becoming one with the ocean on her first seven-day cruise.

What makes Brenda happiest is her relationship with God and the peace and strength He gives her. She knows her prayers resulted in her finding her soul mate and husband of 20 years; helped her raise her daughter and son; and give her the overall ability to function as an independent woman, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, aunt, business partner and friend.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched –

they must be felt with the heart.”

Helen Keller