Angenette Frink

You Won’t Catch Angenette Frink
Trudging Through Life.

Angenette Lynch profileBorn in 1965 to love-rich parents, Angenette grew up with her tight-knit family in a small home in Detroit, Michigan. It was there where she and her six siblings learned through countless road trips, numerous museum visits and stacks of library books, that life could consist of much more than the city in which you live.

After earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Michigan State University, Angenette embarked on a professional sales career that took her to locations throughout the Midwest where she easily made new friends – but she soon found herself craving new horizons.  After much prayer and introspection, Angenette was awakened to a new purpose and, at the age of 30, she quit her lucrative sales job and took off for California where she earned a juris doctorate degree from Santa Clara University School of Law.  Since then, she’s practiced corporate and commercial law for over 20 years at some of the largest law firms and corporations in the U.S. and is licensed in California, Michigan and Florida. While she takes pleasure in negotiating complex commercial deals and finding creative solutions to unexpected legal issues, Angenette also seeks out chances to expend her boundless energy in other ways.

She embraces every opportunity to see different hills, breathe sweeter air, try unusual foods, talk to people unlike herself and be immersed in unfamiliar cultures. She has explored cities in Europe, China, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Peru and Tanzania. She knows Arizona has the best spas, Morocco amazing silk rugs and Hawaii breathtaking beaches. She has ridden the rapids in West Virginia, raced a stock car on the Charlotte Motor Speedway and seen the sunrise over Machu Picchu. Plus, she knows to give a thumbs up when you’re ready to jump from an airplane. And, in an (un)expected turn of events, at the seasoned age of 52, she was blessed to marry a man who craves adventure as much as she does, if not more!

This wife, world traveler, adventurer, fitness enthusiast and attorney puts her trust in God’s divine plan for her life and finds thrill in the unknown because she knows no matter where you are, your world is whatever you decide it’s going to be.

“We often forget that life is an ongoing adventure. . .and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art…. We need to remember that we are created creative and can invent new scenarios as frequently as they are needed.” 

—Maya Angelou