Rallying bravery, honoring unity at 14,000 feet

Sheri Skydiving
We all were amped. We put on our Top Gun suits with pride, placed on our aviator sunglasses, got instructions about our parachute, walked toward the airplane like Navy Seals on a special mission, and boarded.  We pranced and danced and sang “To Infinity and beyond,” our little chant to fire-up courage and quiet fear.
I felt like a top-dog, until I was next up to skydive. With my tandem instructor behind me, I did the unthinkable. I looked down.  The wind violently coursed through my lungs as my tandem instructor counted, “1-2-3,” and then hurled us into the atmosphere. I felt like a boulder rushing to land. Nothing was in my control as I bolted toward earth with speed that felt like lightning. But, my spirit quieted and I relaxed.
Even before the second parachute deployed, softening the brutal speed, I knew God was holding my heart, and I was safe. The glide down was the best. I saw the beauty of earth…tops of trees, vast land, translucent sky, and tiny specs that were homes.
When all four DARE DIVAS jumped and landed, we formed a circle of love, hair tousled, sweat trapped inside our jump suits, laughing, hugging, and thankful it all ended with each of us solidly on ground and intact. 
There are times when you just have to jump, and you have to do it alone; but it is so sweet when you land and others are there to celebrate with you. That is why skydiving on that sweet August 2014 day with the Dare Divas was my favorite dare of them all.

Find out how this thrilling skydive brought Sheri Hunter back to life. 

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